The Savage Tide

House Rules
Living expense You’ll pay a living expense at the beginning of each game month. Choose from the following list.
  • Destitute: 0 gp/month Effect- Survival checks required. Constitution checks required to avoid disease
  • Poor: 3 gp/month Effect- Constitution check required each month. 50% chance of being robbed. 50% chance of harassment.
  • Average: 10 gp/month per level Effect= Constitution check required each month with a +5 bonus. Secure any nonmagical item worth 1 gp or less in 1d10 minutes. Meals and taxes included
  • Wealthy: 100+ 10 per level gp a month. No Constitution checks. Secure items worth 5 gp or less within 1d10 minutes. One free small bribe per month. One free knowledge skill per month. +3 diplomacy/bluff checks vs city officials.
  • Extravagant: I’ll post later…


Muskets and other primitive firearms have been recently introduced into the city of Sassarine by a man named Varbel Vanadar, a master craftsman from the distant city of Greyhawk. He has been providing the city guard and navy with rifles and cannons for the past two years, and has made a fortune, as the Dawn Council is eager to protect their interests from pirates and other threats.

Vanadar accepts commissions for masterwork firearms from private citizens of good standing. Prices are non-negotiable, and payment is required up front. Several shipments of guns payed for by the Dawn Council have been stolen from their wear-houses or seized by pirates, and a small number of the guns have found their way into the hands of rakes, pirates and adventures.

One-Handed Ranged Weapon

Pistol, cost 600 gold Damage d10 Critical x4 range 20 ft. weight 2-3 lbs Damage type Piercing

Two-handed Ranged Weapon

Musket, cost 850 gold Damage d12 Critical x4 range 50 ft. weight 10 lbs. Damage type Piercing

Reloading a firearm is a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity (5 foot step allowed)

On a natural roll of 1 the gun is fouled and does not fire. It takes one minute to clean and a full round to reload.

non-master crafted firearms are fouled on a roll of 2-3, and explode on a roll of 1. If an explosion results the firer will take d4 damage and the weapon will gain the broken condition. It may only be fixed with the skill Craft- Firearm

Gunpowder: An ounce of powder is needed to fire. The powder is sold in 5 pound kegs for 500 gold, and in water tight powder horns which hold one pound for 100 gold. Shot: Large round bullets of lead are sold in bags of 10 for 5 gold.

Bombs: Cost 200 gold, Damage 2d6 blast 5 feet, Range 10 feet, Damage type P or Fire

"From the Mind of Kassoth" #1

Wintish, mixed-blood human. Possible alcoholic. Possible criminal organization affiliations. I understand Celaer’s frustration with this individual. He failed us, we accepted his apolgy and Celaer must have felt the Rum was to blame. I see what he is doing, yet do not wish to participate in the “saving” of this fool. So I make my way to back to Winmester’s (an Inn in the Sunrise District,I chose to be closer to Aleshia & the Vanderboren Manor.). Rescued some strange canine. Which, of course, takes a liking to Aleshia. In the morning wake to find Celaer received quite a beating at the hands of Wintish. That evening I confront Wintish about the incident. Now Celaer is a good gladiator, but unarmed …He needs trainning.Also as a member of my cadre,people need to know, confront one confront all. Wintish falls behind Luna’s skirt and I leave to await his exit. When he leaves he is accompanied by two Thugs. I do not trust them to make it a fair fight, but refuse to backdown. They threaten me with a possible affiliation to some unknown criminal organization. (most likely not associated with the Brotherhood or he would know his place) He leaves a playing card behind with a “jolly-roger” printed apon it. If this connection is real, I believe that he LIED to us eariler about not knowing Sassy’s pimp. Now i must prepare to confront him again where we have the advantage. He will learn the natural order of things & the next time I ask him for information that it will be given freely & accuratlly.

Diary of the Witch of Toad Alley days 4-7

Day4: So we brought the ship in and talked to a underling of the habormaster…he accepted the platium from our employer and cleared everything up….Calaer…almostr drew a sword…sigh…why must he always resort to bullying…that is not how things are done. But more on Calaer’s questionable social skills later…

Lady L was very happy with our work…so much so that she asker us if we wanted her to be out patron(matron?) and work for her. We agreed…and our first job is to escort her to her family’s vaults tomorrow so she can get the rest of the gold and gets things in order. She said something might be…guarding the vault. A magical construct…I can’t wait to see it.

Anyway after selling off all the birds and other exotic animals and got Calaer a armor that won’t serve as his own personal anchor and a wand of healing so they don’t die…we went back the Welcoming Wench…to ask Wintish what happened a few days ago when he was suppose to be acting as look out. He answeared I believed him…but Calaer seemed to have in his mind to ‘help’ him to quit drinking…rather stupidily I might add. Wintish beat him up…I tried to intervene…but it was too late. What was Calaer thinking? Atleast I can trust Kassoth not to be this stupid.

Oh…and yeah Sassy was very…greatful for her gift…she showed me how greatful by (fade to black)

Day5: Kassoth had the cutest largest dog I have ever seen…the poor thing was hurt…so I healed him…we have sorta adopted it into the group…still have not came up with a name as of yet. But he likes me very much. And he gets along with Jinx…which is a good thing…I would be very upset if he ate Jinx.

So we went to Lady L’s vault…it was a Iron Cobra guarding the vault. It was very interesting watching it move. It is amazing how the magic animate the iron cobra. The poison had a rather interesting effect Calaer. I can’t wait till the day I satart making these items of wonder.

Lady L’s brother is mean…he came in and cleaned out all of her gold. She was crying. I held her and comforted her. Her hair smelled so good….sigh. I told her not to worry about paying me till she got things better straighten out…I mean what do I really need 100gp a month for…Well she asks her to go find her brother we will track him down.

Day6: We did not find him yet…we found up he is shacking up with some pick pocket turned ‘artist’.

I admitt I don’t get men…is it haveing nuts effect their thinking….we were going to ask Wintish…and Kassoth of all people was trying to pick a fight to prove he could beat Wintish in a fist fight. I just don’t understand them. Does it matter who can beat who in a fist fight why is it so important. I feel betrayed… sigh. From what I understand Kassoth even waited all night to talk more trash…is it really important? Do men brains shrink when and their other brains take over? Now Wintish is supoosely some member of a criminal organization….and they still want to start a gang war with him…both Calaer and Kassoth. Don’t they know I am vulnerable though ‘Sassy’...and Dove a female gladiator I have been seening…not mention all those street kids and homeless people I help out. Do they even care is it all about their follish pride and what they call ‘honor’. And people wonder why I only get into any meaningful relationship with only women and just save men for one night stands.

Day7: So we find out the only person who has the infomation is Wintish…who won’t even talk to me because of Calaer and Kassoth. So they came up with this ‘plan’...they are going to kidnapp him and beat the infomation out of him…sigh. Really that is what they are planning. Atleast it seems that the male stupidity is only find in the human and elven population as even the dog choosed to side with me. I tried to talk to him…ofering whaever I can to make the peace and get the infomation…but Luna has ordered I am not allow to go into the the Welcoming Wench…because of them…so I also did not get to see ‘Sassy’ this night. I am furiuos…I Want…Anyway I hope they listened to me and I’ll try to make this right tomorrow…then I went to see Dove…sigh…she got strong big hands…and we shared this cute male gladiator…giving me much needed stress relieve. I mean I love them…and they definitly need my guidence and such….but why do they make it sooo hard…now I am being to understand that ,atleast according to myth, why the female drow decided to take over their society…

A Love-Letter

My Dearest,

Oerth is such a lonely place for us and our kin. I live among the humans but they cannot comfort me as you could my dearest. They know not of the weight that the ages have upon us. Because we have not met, my dearest, you know not that the weight of the ages presses on me more than it used to.

I killed a human last night. I thrilled at it, my blood was hot, my skin prickled. The legacy of the god of blood called to me, I wanted more. It is our dark legacy to feel these things, the height of pleasure, the depth of sorrow, and the heat of battle. I am in the midst of a great struggle. If only I could find you my dearest, these emotions could be tamed, my tumult of spirit calmed. My blood-lust was so hot that I wanted the others to be killed. If Kassoth had not intervened, those others might have been sent to the bay floor, where my rage demanded them.

My years as an arena fighter have left me a raw nerve. I see their faces at night, all the dead come to haunt me. Last night he was there, the human I killed. Its strange, in dreams they walk and talk as if alive but their bodies are as they were at the moment of death. He was a dark skinned man, ten years past adulthood for a human, he had the affectations of a pirate though he did not have the manner of a pirate. He came to me, and we had a talk. I could have let him live, and he told me so. I told him abut the curse of our kin, the legacy of the blood god, once the froth of battle has started there can be only destruction. He laughed. He said he knew not of these things, only that our kin see the humans as dolls that we can tear asunder. I protested, I told him it was not true. He laughed, and I woke to his laughing. Every night it is the same, a new night, a new regret, a new laugh.

My dearest, I hope that we may find each other soon. I fear that the sadness of the ages might take me and that is not a path our kin may travel alone.

-Calaer Darkmane

Diary of the Witch of Toad Alley days 1-3

(these are excerpt taken from Aleshia’s diary)

Day1: So there I was sitting in with my my fam…no friends. Kassoth and Calaewer…while I love them to death…are sooo boring. They just sit there and be stoic…silent…and well boring. I mean what is wrong with some fun…sigh. Anyway I was flirting with some people using eye contact when Calaer called over Wintish…by Ehlona’s grace I found him boring…all he does is talk and talk. Sure he might know useful things…but it takes forever just to get to a point. He was rambling on about something…I think about some people new to the city who dance fight. They beat the shit out of some Scarlet Brother…THOSE VILE SCUM SUCKING, HELL BEAST ALL SHOULD DIE! DIE! DIE!(inmagine a blot of ink here that looks she wrote Die! a couple of more times in the same spot)...which I guesa makes tham all right…but I’ll go over to Shadow Shore and see if i make contact.

Than thank Ehlona Luna shooed Wintish away…and told us about some girl named ‘Sassy’ who was in trouble with a local thug…who was pimping her out. She offered me 25 gold to help before I could say I’ll do it for nothing…but being poor I really can’t turn down money when offered…plus with gold I can help those others on the street…so we agreed. Luna sent Wintish as look out for the pimp and his goons…

...then I saw her…a vision of beauty. ‘Sassy’ was going around flirting with people…but not the smartest of moves considering she should stay hidden…atleast why I think Luna was going over to scold her. Then the pimp was in the door with his goon. My champions fight like lions and we taught them a lesson…hopefuly one they have learned. Also have to track Wintish down and ask him why he did not warn us…he was coming.

Then ‘Sassy’ came over to the table to thank us…and well we connected…then she took me up to her room…(fade to black on the rest of this day…)

Day2: ‘Sassy’ gaved me a wonderful night…I am thinking I have to get her a gift though so she’ll stay interested…not that I am going to be a one person women or anything. Women want more than just a physical relationship…I think I can commit to her that much. As long she understands it is a open relationship…I think I’ll buy her a nice neckalace…sigh finding women who likes other women can be tough. Finding men is easy…and do not require as much work…sigh. (She draws a couple of heart signs)

Also I and my friends has been contacted by some women for a job…since we made out reputations by adventuring I am sure it will be dangerous which mean they will need me along to protect them.

Day3: Well Lady Lavinia is a atrractive women…I wonder if she would be interested…she wants us to go aboard her family ship and retrieve money…find out what a corupt official is doing and maybe a signet ring…we accomplish all three…though I wonder why she did use her own adventurers for it…or what are they doing?

Anyway I learned three things tonight:

1) Ropes draped aside a side of the ship are alot harder to climb than one might suspect.

2) Calaer and Kassoth really need me to keep them safe and healthy…and to do the planning…though I’ll never let them know all my plans…well maybe I’ll won’t write it down in case they steal a look at my diary like m…

3) Calaer is a little blood thirsty…and I don’t think he has all the people I do to keep it in check…have to watch him…sigh…he is so cute…I wonder if he likes men or something…it is very…off putting.

There is no honor

Our tale begins in Sasserine, “The Jewel of the South” an exotic seaport nestled against the endless green expanse of the Amedio Jungle. The Outcasts, a newly formed adventuring company, have recently solved a series of grisly murders in Shadowshore and dispatched the demented culprit, sending his soul to Hell.

The Outcasts exploits have made them local hero’s amongst the poor, especially among the many gangs of desperate street children who haunt the allies and abandoned buildings of the city, and their reputation has also brought them to the attention of the Lady Lavinia Vanderboren, a well to do aristocrat and heir to the Vanderboren Noble House.

Because of their heroic deeds, the party has been invited to stay at the Welcome Wench, a popular Inn of good quality and fine service located in the Cudgel District along the water front. The owner, one Luna Brewbitter, is highly respected in the district and is well known among the transient sailors and merchants who frequent the city. The Wench, as it’s known, is a great place to hear tales and news from far off lands, especially from it’s resident gossiper, a man named Wintish the Long Winded, a retired sailor who is said to know every tale, legend and secret concerning Sasserine and the teaming sea’s and jungles surrounding the city.

The Outcasts first “Commission” was to rid Luna of a troublesome pimp called Scrag the Bag (O’ Shit) who was harassing a beautiful young street girl called “Sassy”. The Outcast dispatched said bag of shit forthwith, and sent he and his goons packing, never to be seen again. Young Sassy was very grateful for the help and is looking to start a new life. She is also very enamored by Aleshia, and shares her bed with the Witch of Toad Ally frequently.

Early the next morning the party was approached by a young halfling lass named Kora Whistlegap, a servant of Lady Lavinia, with an invitation for employment. The next evening the party dined with Lavinia who explained her current predicament and offered good pay to liberate her ship, The Blue Nixie, from the Harbormasters man, a seedy character named Soller Vark and his band of thugs.

The next evening the party assaulted the ship and a fierce and bloody combat ensued, leaving Vark and most of his crew dead or captured. Only three of Varks cronies escaped, one foul mouthed woman named Katrina and two men, who set fire to the ships hold before leaping into the bay.

The ships hold was packed with sickly and ill treated exotic animals, including a large spider like monstrosity called a Rhagodessa, which Aleshia was very familiar with. After putting out the fire and tending to the animals a thorough search of the ship revealed Lavinia’s fathers signet ring. Varks men told the party they were hired by Vark for 25 gold to load and off-load the animals. They were to meet another ship in a few days to trade the animals, but they have no other information. Only Vark knew the details, and dead men tell no tales. After some effort the ship was brought into dock and secured.

The Outcasts
The Outcasts

The Outcasts

“He was a foul creature when we found him, before we found him he was an abomination. Now his soul dances with Asmodeus. I doubt any good will come of this.” -Calaer Darkmane

Tho Outcasts as they are known now were brought together during the Black February Murders. The Murders were a grizzly affair that had been plaguing Shadowshore for near on a month. The poorest youths were being targeted. And the crime scenes were being cleaned up by the town watch with little to pacify the common people anyones son could be next and there was great upheaval in Sasserine.

It just so happened that on the night of the twentieth murder was the night that The Outcasts were born. It had been the culmination of many days of searching that Kassoth and his young friend Aleshia found the renowned arena fighter Calaer. Aleshia had been obssessed with finding him for a reason known only to herself. Kassoth thought of the girl as his responsibility and naturally he would be want to let her go looking for a surly arena fighter by herself.

They sat down at his table, he had been alone. A dagger the size of a shortsword came down and sunk into the table. ” Dont want any trouble. Those days are behind me, and I dont need to prove to you or anybody that I am as good as I was… You best be going.” He said in a raspy even rusty voice, so unlike the musical and lilting voices of his elven kin.

Kassoth and Aleshia went on to explain that it was more a matter of fate than fanaticism that had brought them to the tavern that night A vision that the girl had had of him Calaer the famed arena fighter blood streaming from his eyes and boys near on eleven or even younger, dead and mutilated. It had been a sign. They were meant to find him and somehow they would be connected to the gruesome murders.

Then the Barroom fight.

Then they find out whos committing the murders. A man named Barsimmon Vraimont. He was a money changer in the only bank in the cudgel district. His headquarters were a funhouse of horror. Dog cages where he would keep the boys till he was ready for them. Then once his appetite was at its peak he would force himself on them. Salivating, grinding, grunting, laughing, and laughing. When he was through he would pound on them until their faces were broken orange rinds oozing sticky juice, he liked when they thrashed about. Then he would tie their hands and feet and go to work. He had acquired butchers knives through a gambling debt owed to him. With precision he would carve out the beating heart and the rest of the living organs, he would preserve them in alcohol. The bodies he would pin open, right upon the floor or bed, pulling the skin and muscle fibers taught. The gonads he would remove and eat, raw. The penis he would remove and burn as an offering to XinsertevilgodhereX all of the body was left at the scene, so that everyone could see XinsertevilgodhereX’s glory.

They track and kill Vraimont. But there are arcane and mystical energies dissipating from his body and some of the items on his person. He is dead but there are greater forces at work.

In Sasserine of course they are lauded as heros, and are used by the mayor (or whatever) to show the ineptitude of the village watch for political reasons. They then realize that they work pretty well together and hang up a shingle in town as PI’s for hire.

The Strings of Fate
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The strings of Fate that tie all together are at work in the city of Sasserine. Three are brought together in a local tavern, during the Midsummer feastival of Richfest. The first of these strings is an elven ex-gladiator by the name of Calaer Darkmane. Who since being forced from the arena has been relagated to local “enforcer” work, is enjoying the celibitory atmosphere. When the next two players, who have been knotted together for the last year,enter. One is Aleshia, known locally as “the witch of Toad Alley”. She is accompanied by Kassoth, an outcast monk of the ScarletBrotherhood. Aleshia has long been a fan of Calaer’s exploits in the arena and in an excited rush embraces the surprised ex-gladiator gushing praise & affection. Kassoth manages to calm Aleshia and buys a round of drinks for the three. While the young witch and elf have an energenic conversation, envious eyes watch. Aleshia is a local favorite, beautiful and “friendly”, which gives a drunk oversized dock-worker the bravado the assault Calaer. In the ensuing brawl the three fought back-to-back, working together as if it was always the case. One thing that stands out in the fight is that an unknown assailant fired an poisoned bolt at Calaer. Kassoth managed to deflect the attack, but why would someone try to assassinate the ex-gladiator. The next morning a horrible discovery is made.


Geography and climate

The city lays on the coast of the Amedio Jungle, very close to its meeting with the Hellfurnaces mountain range, and about 200 miles north of Cauldron. Its nearest neighbor across Jeklea Bay is the Hold of the Sea Princes. Sasserine is built on a series of islands which make water travel through the town a vital link for intra-city trade, much like in the real-world city of Venice. The climate is generally tropical, with high (but not unbearably so) temperatures and high humidity.

Population As of 596 CY, The city of Sasserine totalled 15,650, with over three-quarters of the population being human. There is a small but sizable population of half-elves and halflings, with the rest of the population composed of minor amounts of dwarves, gnomes, elves, and other demi-humans.[1]

Religion Each of the different districts in the city holds a different patron deity, in particular: Wee Jas in the Noble District, Kord in the Champion’s District, St. Cuthbert in the Cudgel District, Fharlanghn in the Merchant’s District, Olidammara (under an alias) in Shadowshore, and a portmanteau religion composed of the worshippers of sea gods Procan, Xerbo, and Osprem in the Azure District. Religious toleration is prevalent throughout the city, although the churches of Wee Jas and Kord are in a state of cold war that has persisted since the persecution of the Jasadin by Orrin Teraknian.

Government The city of Sasserine is a mix of oligarchy and representative democracy. Citizens are allowed to propose and vote on legislation. The decision to enact any passing legislation is left to the seven-member Dawn Council. Administrative divisions

Legislative branch The city of Sasserine is a mix of oligarchy and representative democracy, in which the people are allowed to originate proposals and vote on them, with passing resolutions sent to the Dawn Council, which then decides whether or not to enact them. The council itself is composed of noble representatives, one from each district in the city.

Judicial branch Law and order are for the most part relaxed in the town (partly owing to a reaction against the somewhat harsh rule of the Sea Princes), and only the more egregious crimes such as murder and theft are actively pursued. Prostitution and the sale of exotic and potentially dangerous creatures goes on more or less legally within the city limits (although the exact lassitude varies from district to district), for instance.


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