The Savage Tide

Diary of the Witch of Toad Alley days 4-7

Day4: So we brought the ship in and talked to a underling of the habormaster…he accepted the platium from our employer and cleared everything up….Calaer…almostr drew a sword…sigh…why must he always resort to bullying…that is not how things are done. But more on Calaer’s questionable social skills later…

Lady L was very happy with our work…so much so that she asker us if we wanted her to be out patron(matron?) and work for her. We agreed…and our first job is to escort her to her family’s vaults tomorrow so she can get the rest of the gold and gets things in order. She said something might be…guarding the vault. A magical construct…I can’t wait to see it.

Anyway after selling off all the birds and other exotic animals and got Calaer a armor that won’t serve as his own personal anchor and a wand of healing so they don’t die…we went back the Welcoming Wench…to ask Wintish what happened a few days ago when he was suppose to be acting as look out. He answeared I believed him…but Calaer seemed to have in his mind to ‘help’ him to quit drinking…rather stupidily I might add. Wintish beat him up…I tried to intervene…but it was too late. What was Calaer thinking? Atleast I can trust Kassoth not to be this stupid.

Oh…and yeah Sassy was very…greatful for her gift…she showed me how greatful by (fade to black)

Day5: Kassoth had the cutest largest dog I have ever seen…the poor thing was hurt…so I healed him…we have sorta adopted it into the group…still have not came up with a name as of yet. But he likes me very much. And he gets along with Jinx…which is a good thing…I would be very upset if he ate Jinx.

So we went to Lady L’s vault…it was a Iron Cobra guarding the vault. It was very interesting watching it move. It is amazing how the magic animate the iron cobra. The poison had a rather interesting effect Calaer. I can’t wait till the day I satart making these items of wonder.

Lady L’s brother is mean…he came in and cleaned out all of her gold. She was crying. I held her and comforted her. Her hair smelled so good….sigh. I told her not to worry about paying me till she got things better straighten out…I mean what do I really need 100gp a month for…Well she asks her to go find her brother we will track him down.

Day6: We did not find him yet…we found up he is shacking up with some pick pocket turned ‘artist’.

I admitt I don’t get men…is it haveing nuts effect their thinking….we were going to ask Wintish…and Kassoth of all people was trying to pick a fight to prove he could beat Wintish in a fist fight. I just don’t understand them. Does it matter who can beat who in a fist fight why is it so important. I feel betrayed… sigh. From what I understand Kassoth even waited all night to talk more trash…is it really important? Do men brains shrink when and their other brains take over? Now Wintish is supoosely some member of a criminal organization….and they still want to start a gang war with him…both Calaer and Kassoth. Don’t they know I am vulnerable though ‘Sassy’...and Dove a female gladiator I have been seening…not mention all those street kids and homeless people I help out. Do they even care is it all about their follish pride and what they call ‘honor’. And people wonder why I only get into any meaningful relationship with only women and just save men for one night stands.

Day7: So we find out the only person who has the infomation is Wintish…who won’t even talk to me because of Calaer and Kassoth. So they came up with this ‘plan’...they are going to kidnapp him and beat the infomation out of him…sigh. Really that is what they are planning. Atleast it seems that the male stupidity is only find in the human and elven population as even the dog choosed to side with me. I tried to talk to him…ofering whaever I can to make the peace and get the infomation…but Luna has ordered I am not allow to go into the the Welcoming Wench…because of them…so I also did not get to see ‘Sassy’ this night. I am furiuos…I Want…Anyway I hope they listened to me and I’ll try to make this right tomorrow…then I went to see Dove…sigh…she got strong big hands…and we shared this cute male gladiator…giving me much needed stress relieve. I mean I love them…and they definitly need my guidence and such….but why do they make it sooo hard…now I am being to understand that ,atleast according to myth, why the female drow decided to take over their society…



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