The Savage Tide

"From the Mind of Kassoth" #1

Wintish, mixed-blood human. Possible alcoholic. Possible criminal organization affiliations. I understand Celaer’s frustration with this individual. He failed us, we accepted his apolgy and Celaer must have felt the Rum was to blame. I see what he is doing, yet do not wish to participate in the “saving” of this fool. So I make my way to back to Winmester’s (an Inn in the Sunrise District,I chose to be closer to Aleshia & the Vanderboren Manor.). Rescued some strange canine. Which, of course, takes a liking to Aleshia. In the morning wake to find Celaer received quite a beating at the hands of Wintish. That evening I confront Wintish about the incident. Now Celaer is a good gladiator, but unarmed …He needs trainning.Also as a member of my cadre,people need to know, confront one confront all. Wintish falls behind Luna’s skirt and I leave to await his exit. When he leaves he is accompanied by two Thugs. I do not trust them to make it a fair fight, but refuse to backdown. They threaten me with a possible affiliation to some unknown criminal organization. (most likely not associated with the Brotherhood or he would know his place) He leaves a playing card behind with a “jolly-roger” printed apon it. If this connection is real, I believe that he LIED to us eariler about not knowing Sassy’s pimp. Now i must prepare to confront him again where we have the advantage. He will learn the natural order of things & the next time I ask him for information that it will be given freely & accuratlly.



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