The Savage Tide

House Rules

Living expense You’ll pay a living expense at the beginning of each game month. Choose from the following list.
  • Destitute: 0 gp/month Effect- Survival checks required. Constitution checks required to avoid disease
  • Poor: 3 gp/month Effect- Constitution check required each month. 50% chance of being robbed. 50% chance of harassment.
  • Average: 10 gp/month per level Effect= Constitution check required each month with a +5 bonus. Secure any nonmagical item worth 1 gp or less in 1d10 minutes. Meals and taxes included
  • Wealthy: 100+ 10 per level gp a month. No Constitution checks. Secure items worth 5 gp or less within 1d10 minutes. One free small bribe per month. One free knowledge skill per month. +3 diplomacy/bluff checks vs city officials.
  • Extravagant: I’ll post later…


Muskets and other primitive firearms have been recently introduced into the city of Sassarine by a man named Varbel Vanadar, a master craftsman from the distant city of Greyhawk. He has been providing the city guard and navy with rifles and cannons for the past two years, and has made a fortune, as the Dawn Council is eager to protect their interests from pirates and other threats.

Vanadar accepts commissions for masterwork firearms from private citizens of good standing. Prices are non-negotiable, and payment is required up front. Several shipments of guns payed for by the Dawn Council have been stolen from their wear-houses or seized by pirates, and a small number of the guns have found their way into the hands of rakes, pirates and adventures.

One-Handed Ranged Weapon

Pistol, cost 600 gold Damage d10 Critical x4 range 20 ft. weight 2-3 lbs Damage type Piercing

Two-handed Ranged Weapon

Musket, cost 850 gold Damage d12 Critical x4 range 50 ft. weight 10 lbs. Damage type Piercing

Reloading a firearm is a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity (5 foot step allowed)

On a natural roll of 1 the gun is fouled and does not fire. It takes one minute to clean and a full round to reload.

non-master crafted firearms are fouled on a roll of 2-3, and explode on a roll of 1. If an explosion results the firer will take d4 damage and the weapon will gain the broken condition. It may only be fixed with the skill Craft- Firearm

Gunpowder: An ounce of powder is needed to fire. The powder is sold in 5 pound kegs for 500 gold, and in water tight powder horns which hold one pound for 100 gold. Shot: Large round bullets of lead are sold in bags of 10 for 5 gold.

Bombs: Cost 200 gold, Damage 2d6 blast 5 feet, Range 10 feet, Damage type P or Fire



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