The Savage Tide

The Strings of Fate

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The strings of Fate that tie all together are at work in the city of Sasserine. Three are brought together in a local tavern, during the Midsummer feastival of Richfest. The first of these strings is an elven ex-gladiator by the name of Calaer Darkmane. Who since being forced from the arena has been relagated to local “enforcer” work, is enjoying the celibitory atmosphere. When the next two players, who have been knotted together for the last year,enter. One is Aleshia, known locally as “the witch of Toad Alley”. She is accompanied by Kassoth, an outcast monk of the ScarletBrotherhood. Aleshia has long been a fan of Calaer’s exploits in the arena and in an excited rush embraces the surprised ex-gladiator gushing praise & affection. Kassoth manages to calm Aleshia and buys a round of drinks for the three. While the young witch and elf have an energenic conversation, envious eyes watch. Aleshia is a local favorite, beautiful and “friendly”, which gives a drunk oversized dock-worker the bravado the assault Calaer. In the ensuing brawl the three fought back-to-back, working together as if it was always the case. One thing that stands out in the fight is that an unknown assailant fired an poisoned bolt at Calaer. Kassoth managed to deflect the attack, but why would someone try to assassinate the ex-gladiator. The next morning a horrible discovery is made.



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