• Aleshia, Witch of the Toad Alley

    Aleshia, Witch of the Toad Alley

    Aleshia is a beautiful Suel women of average height and build. Her hair is strawberry blond with pale blue eyes. She typicaly wears a straw sun hat and a hodge podge of clothing usualy with a skirt. She carries around a dagger and a sling.
  • Celaer Darkmane

    Celaer Darkmane

    Elf Ranged Fighter
  • Kassoth the Outcast

    Kassoth the Outcast

    6' tall human of obvious Suel descent. Muscular,Blonde,Blue-Eyes wearing simple monk robes & tattooed with the Scarlet Brotherhood symbol on his right forearm.
  • Kora Whistlegap

    Kora Whistlegap

    Kora is a young female halfling who serves as Lavinia's Major Domo/Head Servant
  • Lavinia Vanderboren

    Lavinia Vanderboren

    A very attractive noble woman who is heir to the Vanderboren estate
  • Vanthus Vanderboren

    Vanthus Vanderboren

    Vanthus is tall and good looking, with shoulder length brown hair and dark eyes. He has a neatly trimmed beard and dress's fashionably.