Kassoth the Outcast

6' tall human of obvious Suel descent. Muscular,Blonde,Blue-Eyes wearing simple monk robes & tattooed with the Scarlet Brotherhood symbol on his right forearm.


race:Human(Suel) class:Monk alignment:LN level:1 ac:16 hp:13

str:16 dex:16 con:14 int:12 wis:16 cha:10

class skills:acrobatics(dex)+7 climb(str)+7 escape artist(dex)+7 swim(str)+7 perception(wis)+7 profession:sailor(wis)+7 linguistics(int)+2

languages:common,ancient suloise & olman

feats:weapon focus(unarmed strike), toughness & deflect arrows. free feat:water rat.


Young Kassoth was born on the Tilvanot Peninsula, part of The Scarlet Brotherhood breeding program to produce “perfected” pure blood Suel. Taken from his mother as soon as he was weaned,he was then raised by Brotherhood.His Physical and Mental strength were all the Brotherhood Monks had expected. But there was a problem, Kassoth had started to show some compassion toward the non-suel. The Brotherhood, hoping to break this trait, cast him out into a world that hates & fears all he represents. That was 4 years ago; now at the age 21, Kassoth has made a name for him self locally as a compitent,hardworking and loyal sailor in the whaler fleet. While in port ,about 2 years ago, he met a young woman of Suel descent named Aleshia. Aleshia,aka the Witch of Toad Alley, and Kassoth have developed brother/sister relationship. This relationship, along with working as a sailor with all different races, has gone a longway in moderating his worldview. With the recent openning of the “Scarlet Embassy” in Sasserine, Kassoth has lost his spot in the fleet. The Brotherhood is a strong buyer of whale oil & nobody want to risk their sales over a minor deckhand, no matter how good he is. This is where Kassoth finds himself when the strings of Fate start to come together.

Kassoth the Outcast

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