Vanthus Vanderboren

Vanthus is tall and good looking, with shoulder length brown hair and dark eyes. He has a neatly trimmed beard and dress's fashionably.


Lavinia and her brother Vanthus were quite close as children since their adventuring parents were rarely around. They grew to depend on each other, and got into a fair amount of trouble together. After one particularly complex rank involving several elixirs of love being emptied into the nearby water tower, their childhoods came to an end. Lavinia was sent to the Thenalar Academy to live out the next five years of her life, and Vanthus was shipped out to work on a plantation. When they returned to live in the family manor a year ago, they had both changed. Lavinia likes to think she benefitted from her time at Thenalar. Vanthus, on the other hand, spent his time away nurturing his bitterness. He no longer had time for Lavinia, slept all day, and spent the nights with what Lavinia recalls as “associates of doubtful character.” Eventually, he moved out of the house entirely—Lavinia believes he took up with a lover in Azure District, but she never learned the details.

When their parents died, Vanthus returned for a week to live at the manor, but he had changed even more. Gone was the easy sense of humor she recalled fondly from their childhood, and in its place was a bitter cynicism and a morbid streak that sent chills up Lavinia’s spine. After several arguments, Vanthus struck her with his fist. Lavinia was shocked, and for a moment she thinks Vanthus was shocked as well, but an instant later he was back to his new self, all scowls and menace. He gathered his belongings and left—Lavinia hasn’t seen him since.


Vanthus Vanderboren

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