The Savage Tide

Diary of the Witch of Toad Alley days 1-3

(these are excerpt taken from Aleshia’s diary)

Day1: So there I was sitting in with my my fam…no friends. Kassoth and Calaewer…while I love them to death…are sooo boring. They just sit there and be stoic…silent…and well boring. I mean what is wrong with some fun…sigh. Anyway I was flirting with some people using eye contact when Calaer called over Wintish…by Ehlona’s grace I found him boring…all he does is talk and talk. Sure he might know useful things…but it takes forever just to get to a point. He was rambling on about something…I think about some people new to the city who dance fight. They beat the shit out of some Scarlet Brother…THOSE VILE SCUM SUCKING, HELL BEAST ALL SHOULD DIE! DIE! DIE!(inmagine a blot of ink here that looks she wrote Die! a couple of more times in the same spot)...which I guesa makes tham all right…but I’ll go over to Shadow Shore and see if i make contact.

Than thank Ehlona Luna shooed Wintish away…and told us about some girl named ‘Sassy’ who was in trouble with a local thug…who was pimping her out. She offered me 25 gold to help before I could say I’ll do it for nothing…but being poor I really can’t turn down money when offered…plus with gold I can help those others on the street…so we agreed. Luna sent Wintish as look out for the pimp and his goons…

...then I saw her…a vision of beauty. ‘Sassy’ was going around flirting with people…but not the smartest of moves considering she should stay hidden…atleast why I think Luna was going over to scold her. Then the pimp was in the door with his goon. My champions fight like lions and we taught them a lesson…hopefuly one they have learned. Also have to track Wintish down and ask him why he did not warn us…he was coming.

Then ‘Sassy’ came over to the table to thank us…and well we connected…then she took me up to her room…(fade to black on the rest of this day…)

Day2: ‘Sassy’ gaved me a wonderful night…I am thinking I have to get her a gift though so she’ll stay interested…not that I am going to be a one person women or anything. Women want more than just a physical relationship…I think I can commit to her that much. As long she understands it is a open relationship…I think I’ll buy her a nice neckalace…sigh finding women who likes other women can be tough. Finding men is easy…and do not require as much work…sigh. (She draws a couple of heart signs)

Also I and my friends has been contacted by some women for a job…since we made out reputations by adventuring I am sure it will be dangerous which mean they will need me along to protect them.

Day3: Well Lady Lavinia is a atrractive women…I wonder if she would be interested…she wants us to go aboard her family ship and retrieve money…find out what a corupt official is doing and maybe a signet ring…we accomplish all three…though I wonder why she did use her own adventurers for it…or what are they doing?

Anyway I learned three things tonight:

1) Ropes draped aside a side of the ship are alot harder to climb than one might suspect.

2) Calaer and Kassoth really need me to keep them safe and healthy…and to do the planning…though I’ll never let them know all my plans…well maybe I’ll won’t write it down in case they steal a look at my diary like m…

3) Calaer is a little blood thirsty…and I don’t think he has all the people I do to keep it in check…have to watch him…sigh…he is so cute…I wonder if he likes men or something…it is very…off putting.



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