The Savage Tide

There is no honor

Our tale begins in Sasserine, “The Jewel of the South” an exotic seaport nestled against the endless green expanse of the Amedio Jungle. The Outcasts, a newly formed adventuring company, have recently solved a series of grisly murders in Shadowshore and dispatched the demented culprit, sending his soul to Hell.

The Outcasts exploits have made them local hero’s amongst the poor, especially among the many gangs of desperate street children who haunt the allies and abandoned buildings of the city, and their reputation has also brought them to the attention of the Lady Lavinia Vanderboren, a well to do aristocrat and heir to the Vanderboren Noble House.

Because of their heroic deeds, the party has been invited to stay at the Welcome Wench, a popular Inn of good quality and fine service located in the Cudgel District along the water front. The owner, one Luna Brewbitter, is highly respected in the district and is well known among the transient sailors and merchants who frequent the city. The Wench, as it’s known, is a great place to hear tales and news from far off lands, especially from it’s resident gossiper, a man named Wintish the Long Winded, a retired sailor who is said to know every tale, legend and secret concerning Sasserine and the teaming sea’s and jungles surrounding the city.

The Outcasts first “Commission” was to rid Luna of a troublesome pimp called Scrag the Bag (O’ Shit) who was harassing a beautiful young street girl called “Sassy”. The Outcast dispatched said bag of shit forthwith, and sent he and his goons packing, never to be seen again. Young Sassy was very grateful for the help and is looking to start a new life. She is also very enamored by Aleshia, and shares her bed with the Witch of Toad Ally frequently.

Early the next morning the party was approached by a young halfling lass named Kora Whistlegap, a servant of Lady Lavinia, with an invitation for employment. The next evening the party dined with Lavinia who explained her current predicament and offered good pay to liberate her ship, The Blue Nixie, from the Harbormasters man, a seedy character named Soller Vark and his band of thugs.

The next evening the party assaulted the ship and a fierce and bloody combat ensued, leaving Vark and most of his crew dead or captured. Only three of Varks cronies escaped, one foul mouthed woman named Katrina and two men, who set fire to the ships hold before leaping into the bay.

The ships hold was packed with sickly and ill treated exotic animals, including a large spider like monstrosity called a Rhagodessa, which Aleshia was very familiar with. After putting out the fire and tending to the animals a thorough search of the ship revealed Lavinia’s fathers signet ring. Varks men told the party they were hired by Vark for 25 gold to load and off-load the animals. They were to meet another ship in a few days to trade the animals, but they have no other information. Only Vark knew the details, and dead men tell no tales. After some effort the ship was brought into dock and secured.



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